Ellen and Jamie Dornan's Fifty Shades Darker


Fifty Shades

With the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker this year, everyone is raving about the second film of the saga. British actor Jamie Dornan, who plays Mr. Grey in the movie, has been interviewed by the top hosts and journalists in the news media. The most memorable appearance, however, was the one on Ellen Degeneres' show.

On the show, Ellen interviewed Jamie and then simulated a scene in the “Red Room” but with a twist: there was tape and staplers involved. On the actual interview, Ellen asks Jamie about Fifty Shades Darker, his wife, his body hair and S&M sex toys. When she asked him if he had used any of those toys before, he said that he had used some of them but not with a sexual purpose; for instance, some of them he would use to go horseback riding.
When actors do roles, they need learn about the character to get into because they have to,” she said. “I assume that to play this character, you need to know what you are doing to use the equipment. Had you known anything about that world before?”
“Not at all,” he said. “Everything you find in the “Red Room”, you've used them versional not for the same effect... So you have the skills there and you kind of surprise yourself.”
Ellen also asked Jamie if his wife Amelia had asked him to take any of that equipment home. He said she probably wouldn't the props from the set but they weren't interested in that kind of practice altogether.
“Obviously it's a popular thing,” Ellen said. “I was wondering if your wife was interested in that now.”
Ellen also told Jamie that Magic Mike and his movie were responsible for a baby boom. Jamie told a touching story related to that. A woman recognized him on an elevator. She told him that she had had trouble conceiving and that after watching the movie, she got pregnant.”
When Ellen also asked Jamie if he had to wax for the role, he said he wasn't a particularly hairy person.
Ellen told Jamie about a scene she had written for the upcoming films of the series, which turned out to be a Fifty Shades Darker parody. Then she asked him if he would partake in recreating a “Red Room” of their own.
The TV host and comedian joined forces with Christian Grey himself, actor Jamie Dornan, for a heated film on a budget called Fifty Shades Darkest.
In the spoof, Jamie hired Ellen-as-Anastasia-Steele, a Staples employee, for an intimate night. Elle uses office supplies as sex toys. The first thing Ellen offers is a small stapler, but since Jamie wasn't turned on by it, she offered a bigger stapler.
With the help of big fake boobs, Ellen seductively uses tape instead of handcuffs to restrain his hands. As a method of seduction, she cuts his tie and since that work for Mr. Grey, she offered up a pencil sharpener for his penis.


The Inbetweeners phenomenon



From the UK to the US and even to Australia, The Inbetweeners are a global phenomenon. Following the awkward teenage years of Will (Simon Bird) and his friends Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison), and Jay (James Buckley), the British smash-hit became the comedy series of a generation of teenagers and young adults that watched the show during its three season run.

The show tells the story and misadventures of an unpopular group of friends who are desperately trying to fit in by trying to party and impress girls, but that in their attempt they pull a number of pranks and mishaps that make them so endearing and hilarious. As expected in a British comedy, the group fails miserably at their attempt to blend in and they do in the most cringe-inducing, scandalous and lough-out-loud way.
The story centers on Will, a snobbish nerd who has been transferred from a private school, after his parents' divorce, to Rudge Park Comprehensive. Despite being Will's voiceover that one that introduces and concludes each episode, he is an unconventional hero. While he is the most intelligent member of the group and he is focused on getting into a good university, he is also romantically frustrated.
While his friend Jay is the most vulgar of the group as well as a compulsive liar, Simon plays a hopeless romantic and is Will's closest friend out of the group. Neil, well, he is just an idiot, but an endearing one. Although none of the characters have any redeeming qualities, they have a great capacity to make the audience laugh.
The series is also known for its insane phrases, such as:
“I will be humiliated in front of the girl I've lusted after since she was eight.”
“I've never loved anything before, apart from a car or a sandwich.”
“How long is my lunch hour?” “An hour.”
The Inbetweeners success in the US was such that MTV released the American version of the TV show. Once the British TV show finished, two films based on the original TV show were created, featuring the original cast. The first was called “The Inbetweeners, the movie” and the Inbetweeners 2 follows the group of friends as they meet up again for a holiday in Australia.
Ever since the feature films were released, fans have been eagerly wishing for a third movie to hit cinemas. However, actor Simon Bird - who plays Will McKenzie - revealed that his days as an inbetweener are over and he will not reunite with his former co-stars on screen.
“It was great while it lasted,” he said to Gaby Roslin, “but we are too old for that now. We're old men. I feel so old!”
“It was a great time making The Inbetweeners. I still see the boys all the time. It's sad that it's over, but it is over unfortunately.”


British TV Shows catchphrases



Now that we've talked about the best British TV shows of all time, it's time to talk about one of the factors that have sparked their popularity. This factor are their irresistible catchphrases, product of the writers‘ wit and sense of humor, who have used the talent not only to create intricate plots and memorable lines, but also catchphrases that have been echoed by audience from far and wide.

To top the list is the British TV show “Only fools and horses” with its famous catchphrase “Lovely jubbly.” The line is so popular, you can purchase a mug with the catch phrase written on it.
Another popular catch phrase is “What a liberty!” made famous by “Catherine Tate Show.” This is a comedy sketch series co-written and performed by Catherine Tate and broadcasted on BBC.
Little Britain (photo) is one of the TV shows that have been most successful outside of its homeland and is a factory of hilarious catchphrases. One of this lines is the famous “Yeah, but no, but yeah, but.”
The Only Way is Essex is a BAFTA award-winning “scripted reality” television soap opera for showing “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way. Set in Brentwood, England, the show has been compared to Jersey Shore. Despite from being filmed just a few days before it is aired, the show has produced one of the most popular lines in TV history, and that is “Well Jel.”
Presented by comedian Paddy McGuinness, Take Me Out is a British dating game show inspired by the Australian show “Taken Out.” The show has originated one popular catchphrase: “No likely, no lighty!”
The Fast Show, known in the US as Brilliant, is a British comedy sketch show program that ran relied on character sketches, recurring running gags and many catchphrases. It was different from traditional sketch series in that its sketches were relatively brief. One of its famous catchphrases was “Suits you, sir!”
But it is also famous for many other just as good, as well as hilarious lines such as the one spoken by Our Janine: “I've gone vegetarian now. I mean, I know I had sausage roll yesterday, but it's not really meat, is it, y'know? I mean, there's no animal called a ‘sausage'.”
Swiss Toni also spoke memorable lines such as “Putting up a tent is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. Unzip the door, put up your pole, and slip into the old bag.”
Dad's Army was a factory of catchphrases, most notably: “Don't panic!”; “Permission to speak, sir!”, “They don't like it up ‘em!” and “You stupid boy.”
Doctor Who is another TV show known for its catchphrases: “Hello, sweetie,” “Exterminate” and “Spoilers.” And so is The Generation Game with its lines: “Nice to see you, to see you... nice”, “Didn't he/she/they do well?”, “Shut that door!”, “What a gay day!”, “seems like a nice boy!” and “look at the muck on ‘ere!”


Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse split



Pop star Kylie Minogue and British actor Joshua Sasse break up their engagement to get married and split after nearly a year and a half together. The former couple met back in 2015 on the set of US series Galavant, in which he has a leading role while she was making a guest appearance.

Despite their age gap - Kylie is 48 while he is 29 - the relationship grew strong quickly after they met. Only five months after meeting each other, the pair announced their engagement. Unfortunately, their relationship has now come to an end. According to The Sun, the pop star was the one who ended it because she allegedly suspects Sasse of cheating on her with Spanish actress, Marta Milans.
The Australian singer took to social media and posted a message on Instagram in which she confirmed their break-up and thank their fans for their support.
“Thank you for all your love and support throughout this recent chapter of my life,” she wrote. “Thank you now for your love and understanding with the news that Josh and I have decided to go our separate ways. We wish only the best for each other as we venture towards new horizons.” She hashtagged “lovers” and “thesunalwaysrises” on the post.
Apparently, a source had told the Sun that Minogue was beyond consolation after the split, “she really believed he was the One. But she no longer trusts” Sasse. She reportedly asked him to move out of their West London home.
The sad news days after Minogue had talked excitedly about her upcoming wedding on an interview with ITV's This Morning. She also shared with You magazine that she planned on taking her future husband's name.
“Kylie Sasse is a great name,” she said. “Kylie Minogue has never exactly tripped off my tongue. I'll definitely be taking Sasse but there will be Minogue in there somewhere.”
She had also discussed about the couple's difficulties to have children as it is a “different kettle of fish” as you get older. Although the couple had planned to wed in Melbourne, those plans depended on whether Australia legalized same-sex marriage or not.
While this would have been the first wedding for both of them, Minogue's has had long-term partners, including Spanish model Andrés Velencoso, fellow Neighbors actor Jason Donovan and French actor Olivier Martinez.
Representatives for Minogue, Sasse or Milans haven't denied or confirmed the reported affair between Sasse and the Spanish actress. The British actor and Milans met while the filmed the US drama No Tomorrow in Canada last year.
A source who worked on the show revealed: “It is well known that Joshua and Marta had been close for a number of months.”
Friends reportedly say that Minogue's and Sassa's relationship has been rocky since the start. “After getting engaged she should have been on top of the world but it's never been smooth sailing,” the source said to The Sun. “Everyone is so upset for Kylie but her close friends and family really want her to get through this and stay strong.”
If there is something good that will come out of all of this is Kylie Minogue's next album which should help the Australian artist pour her heart out. Minogue tweeted that she had signed a new record deal with label BMG a few days before she announced her break-up.
She wrote: “So happy to announce my new record label is BMG. I promise you will have my heart...”
The New Album, Golden is out on 06.04.2018.  'Golden' is Kylie's first studio album in four years and her fourteenth studio album in a record breaking career. The album was mainly recorded in Nashville, which was a first for Kylie, a fact which couldn't help but inform the sound – albeit in Kylie's superlative pop style. This record is one of Kylie's most personal to date – with every song on 'Golden' co-written by Minogue.


Top British TV shows



British TV screenwriters are known for their wit and humor, one of the reasons their innovative TV shows are taking over the world. Although the British are known as impassive creatures, they know how to make the audience laugh with the sense of humor. What once was restricted to the British population has become a world phenomenon - the English sense of humor. That dry sense of humor that makes use of sarcasm, ridicule, pauses, gestures and very clever catchphrases is fast becoming a global language.

Extras” is a British TV comedy that with a high dosage of sense of humor, featuring characters who get themselves into very difficult situations and then struggling to get out of them. One of the strategies behind Extras' success is the big name cameos that make an appearance in the show. Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, Clive Owen, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, and Patrick Stewart are among those that make an appearance.
The show focuses on an extra - Ricky Gervais - trying to make it in showbiz, but things usually turn sour for him. On each episode Gervais' character tries to score a line in a scene but fails miserably... for him. It's quite amusing for the audience.
From its humble beginnings as a radio series, Little Britain became a smash hit as a TV show since it aired in 2003. The TV show conquered the British audience with their numerous catch phrases and their success was such that it ended up making its way to North American cable TV.
Created by comedy duo David Williams and Matt Lucas, Little Britain is a sketch show that explores the British Isles through a diverse mix of silly, exaggerated and rude characters.
The reason why Little Britain is so easily consumed by the foreign market is that it showcases Britain for those who are unfamiliar with the country. Although it does not portray Britain in the best light, it does paint a hilarious picture.
Perhaps you've heard “Ab-fab, sweetie darling!” before, but do you know where that catchphrase comes from? It's one of the famous lines from Absolutely Fabulous. The show focuses on the lives of two posh women desperate to stay young and cool, and that nothing will stop them from attaining it.
The main characters are played by Joanna Lumley - Patsy - and Jennifer Saunders - Eddy - who have since become a national treasure. While most British shows last only a few seasons, the series has been so successful it has run for two decades - 1992 to 2012.
Despite the show's several seasons, the audience was left wanting more and they took the show to the big screen with the release of “Absolutely Fabulous: The movie.”
While the movie featured an impressive sixty cameos, ranging from supermodels to comedians, the two main characters continue to be the centre of attention.
One of the top British exports is unarguably Mr. Bean. Who doesn't know about this awkward hilarious character? His fame is surprising giving that Mr. Bean is nearly a silent character. Most of the shows success stems from the actor Rowan Atkinson's physical humor.


Europe’s first underwater museum in Lanzarote


Museo Atlantico

Divers are in for a treat with the opening of Europe's first underwater museum off Spain's Lanzarote island. The underwater wonder is called Museo Atlántico, featuring more than 300 sculptural works by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

Museo Atlántico may be the first museum of its kind in Europe but it's not the first one on tattoo. This project had previously seen the day of light - from the bottom of the ocean - on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Mexico.
The Cancún Underwater Museum (Museo Subacuático de Arte, known as MUSA) was thought up by Marine Park Director Jaime Gonazalez Canto, with the help of the sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor whose sculptures also feature in Spain's museum. The project was carried out by a non-profit organization devoted to the art of conservation.
After two years in the making, Spain's underwater museum opened its waters to snorkelers and divers interested in admiring enigmatic human figures submerged at depths of between 12 and 15 meters on the seafloor of Las Coloradas Bay - a UNESCO's Biosphere Reserve.
Apart from offering visitors a delightful activity, the sculptures have a sea life conservation purpose: the figures will help to form part of an artificial reef, acting as a breeding site for local species.
“The whole idea was for it to become a portal to another world,” says DeCaires Taylor, the artist who created the underwater sculptures for this museum and the ones in the Bahamas, Grenada, West Indies, Mexico and the Antilles.
In 2014, Mr Taylor's Ocean Atlas piece in the waters of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas, became the largest single sculpture ever to be installed underwater. The masterpiece weighed more than 60 tons.
The artist depicts everyday life scenes with his sculptures and uses his work to raise awareness of oceanic issues, which is why he works with environmentally friendly concrete. Taylor created the statues with a special eco-friendly concrete that doesn't affect the marine eco-system but fosters coral life by attracting plants and animals and acting as a breeding site for local species.
“I want it to inspire people to understand more about our oceans and the threats facing it,” DeCaires Taylor said.
These everyday scenes are all too familiar. Some of the statues represent current local residents, recreating scenes from their everyday life. The sculptures include one titled “Content” that displays a couple taking a sub-aquatic selfie, while another titled “The Rubicon” involves 35 human figures walking beneath the waves.
“I hope that the Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote represents an entry point to a different world and promotes a better understanding of our precious marine environment and of how much we depend on it,” Taylor said at the museum's opening.
You can go on a diving tour from various locations on Lanzarote from €46.
There is plenty to view as the museum occupies an area of 50x50 meters.
“Snorkeling around submerged sculptures is an unforgettable experience,” said Telegraph Travel writer Hazel Plush, who visited the Grenada installation.
“Taylor has an uncanny ability to capture the human likeness, and seeing these figures trapped forever on the bottom of the ocean was a surprisingly emotional experience. This isn't just a gimmick - every piece is in harmony with its surroundings, and designed to attract marine life while giving snorkelers and scuba divers some food for thought too. It's great news that Taylor's work is now a little closer to home.”


Germany: Down with Fake News of Facebook


berlin dislikes fb

Germany has taken a stand in placing responsibility on Facebook for the face news that appear on the platform. The authority also threatened to take measures if the platform doesn't curb the spread of face news through social media.

Several countries have already urge Facebook to address the issue, but it was the German Justice Minister Heiko Maas the one that took a step further. The minister put forward the suggestion that Facebook be treated like a media company and be held criminally liable for failing to remove hate speech.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported Maas, warning of the power of fake news and of the possibility of the public opinion being “manipulated” on the internet.
“Today we have face sites, bolts, trolls - things that regenerate themselves, reinforcing opinions with certain algorithms and we have to learn to deal with them,” claimed Merkel.
Given that Germany has a strong influence within the European Union, the country's decision to make Facebook responsible for what is published in its platform might result in other European states pressing Facebook as well.
“We believe Facebook, and all social media companies on which news is shared and consumed, should shoulder the same responsibility as traditional media companies,” one member of the European Parliament, the EU's legislative body, told BuzzFeed.
Companies like Facebook “do not get to wipe their hands of responsibility by saying we are an internet company, or we do not control what users share,” the MEP added.
The MEP also confirmed that leaders within the German government agreed that companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook should take responsibility for the content published on their platforms.
Maas has said that depending on how long it takes to remove racists and xenophobic posts reported to Facebook, the EU should take action to change the guidelines which classify Facebook an other social media platforms as tech companies and thus not accountable for content on their platform. The initiative might also press Facebook and other social media companies to be more open about the number of posts deleted and the reasons for their removal as well as imposing fines when said companies refuse to delete posts considered hate speech.
“Fake news, in many cases, is a type of hate speech. We see fake items, written as articles claiming that refugees are robbing houses and attacking women. It those articles lead to someone attaching a refugee, are they not an act of hate speech?” asked the MEP.
The spread of fake news on Facebook has made authentic headlines in Indonesia - where face news affected the presidential election-, in Brazil, and in the USA. Facebook has argued that its nature as a technology company instead of a media company, so it shouldn't be liable for the contents held on its platform. It also alleged that fake news makes up only a small percent of its daily shared content.
Despite Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's initial attitude regarding fake news, the company has recently released a number of statements where it commits to taking the issue more seriously.


Ramsey puts leftovers on the menu



A new pop-restaurant in London - wastED - is gathering Europe's most acclaimed chefs to prepare delicacies fashioned from food waste. According to Bloomberg, some of the guest shows that will be serving up normally discarded ingredients without the customers knowing in advance will be Gordon Ramsey, Clare Smyth and Tom Kerridge.

Blue Hill restaurant owner Dan Barber will be in charge of the London's version of wastED, which was originally launched in Manhattan in 2015. Each day the menu will vary depending on what is available.
What's so original about this restaurant is its concept of recycling food. According to the project's website, all ingredients will be sourced from leftover food items from farmers, distributors, restaurants, retailers and others. There will be dishes for sharing and an unorthodox tea, as you cannot avoid serving it in the UK.
Dan Barber said the purpose of the project is to draw attention to food waste, a growing problem at a global level. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, about one third of all food produced annually goes to waste. About 1.3 billions tons ($990 billion worth) gets lost or to waste mostly in rich, developed countries.
While this amount of food is wasted, one in every nine people in the world is undernourished and a large majority of those people are in developing countries in Asia and Africa.
After rising to fame at the innovative New York's farm-to-table movement, Barber thinks a new approach to the use of food waste and an open mind about ingredients could have an impact on foodies in places like London.
“It's all very exciting,” Barber told Bloomberg in an interview. “To put together a menu in a different city is to be forced to learn about tis history and its agricultural realities. And the food scene in London is very vibrant.”
“What I like about London is the openness to these ideas. The culture around food waste is fantastic - way ahead of America's.”
The original wastED was a popup in New York two years ago. One of the guest chefs was multi-Michelin starred Alain Ducasse. While Barber is a hero in the culinary world, the food was a world away from fine dining, using as ingredients bits of meat, fruit, vegetables and fish that you'd normally chuck away.
According to Eater.com, the menu in New York offered kale ribs, bruised vegetables and fruits, fish heads and state bread.
Barber said he is working with both farmers and chefs to create the menu. He also confessed that he drew inspiration from the British bubble and squeak, made with leftovers such as cabbage and potato.
“It's too passive,” he says. “It allows you to dictate the menu by purchasing what you want from a farm. You end up treating it like a supermarket. I don't reject the term farm to table - I own a restaurant on a farm, so I'd better be careful - but it's too easy.
“I am in favor of expanding the definition of what is waste food. We get to choose what's for dinner when really we need a pattern of eating that supports a landscape.”


J. K. Rowling



Best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series, J. K. Rowling is a British novelist, screenwriter and film producer. The series of books have become the best-selling book series in history, selling more than 400 million copies worldwide. The books have also been the inspiration for a series of films that have led to the creation of two Harry Potter-themed public attractions: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter - in London and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.

Born in Yale, Gloucestershire, Rowling was working as a researcher and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International when she came up with the idea for the Harry Potter series on a delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990.
Within five years she went from living on state benefits to multi-millionaire status and with sales in excess of £238M, she became the United Kingdom's best-selling living author.
Taking into consideration the social, moral and political inspiration she has given her fans, Time magazine named her as a runner-up for its 2007 Person of the Year. She is notable for supporting charities such as Comic Relief, One Parent Families, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Lumus (formerly the Children's High Level Group).
Some of her famous lines include: “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” “You place too much importance... on the so-called purity of blood! You fail to recognize that ti matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!”
From her 2008 Harvard Commencement Address, entitled “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination” she stated: “Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.”
On an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she commented about how her life changed from being poor to being multimillionaire in less than five years: “I think the single biggest thing that money gave me - and obviously I came from a place where I was a single mother and it really was hand to mouth at one point. It was literally as poor as you can get in Britain without being homeless at one point. If you've ever been there you will never, ever take for granted that you don't need to worry. Never!”
She said to Time magazine in 2007: “It is perfectly possible to live a very moral life without a belief in God, and I think it's perfectly possible to live a life peppered with ill-doing an believe in God.”
She has also talked about her she gets her inspiration from: “I've no idea where ideas come from and I hope I never find out; it would spoil the excitement for me if it turned out I just have a funny little wrinkle on the surface of my brain which makes me think about invisible train platforms.” More info on facebook


Memorable moments in the European Cinema



Film buffs from Greece, Denmark, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden and Serbia pick some great quotes from films made in their countries.

One of the most popular catchphrases in European cinema comes from a Greek comedy called “A Greek Girl in the Harem” starring Rena Vlahopoulou. The line is “Pethane o Theios!” (the uncle is dead!) which are the fake news of a wealthy uncle dying. The comedic tone of that macabre line is that the uncle is not really dead. He faked his own demise as a tactic to find out who really loves him and who is just after his money.
Although this line is famous, the line “Vaggelis!” is the most popular one. It comes from an invention in the film that opens and closes the door if someone uses a specific phrase. Due to a comedic mix-up, the door only moves if someone shouts the name of the character Vaggelis. So, when everyone calls out his name, the door slams shut, leading to painful situations.
Another famous quote comes from the Danish series 14 Olsen-Branden. The films tell the story of an infamous gang always looking to carry out the “greatest heist ever, the heist over all heists), as the gang's leader Egon Olsen puts it.
At the start of every film, Olsen is released from prison and greeted by gang members Kjeld and Benny. That's when he utters his most famous quote: “Jeg har en plan!” (I've got a plan).
The Swedish movie franchise “Beck” is also a source of catchphrases thanks to detective Martin Beck's (Peter Haber) rather eccentric neighbor. The famous catchphrase he utters in all situations: “Ska vi ta oss en stänkare? (Should we have a drink?)
The most quoted Serbian movie is The Marathon Family, a 1982 comedy cult classic. The story takes place in a town in 1935 and it tells the story of the eccentric Topalovic family, which consists of six generations of undertakers.
The movie is a black comedy where all the main characters are “bad guys.” One famous catchphrase is in the line of this dark sense of humor: “Zao mi je sto ste moji, a ne deca nekog mog neprjatelja” (I'm sorry that you are mine and not the children of my enemy).
As you would expect, many characters die on the film and, therefore, there are many death jokes. For instance, in response to someone being accidentally burned alive while repairing the cremation oven, a character said: “Ala ga je opravio svaka my cast” (Well, he repaired it, excellent).
One of the best quotes from Russian cinema can be found in Aleksei Balabanov's 2000 film Brother 2. It comes in the English language: “Are you gangsters?” “No, we are Russians.”
Some endearing quotes come from the Italian classic, “Life is Beautiful.” Bartolomeo: “They are looking for someone who speaks German to translate their instructions.” Guido: “Me! I'll do it, I'll translate!” Bartolomeo: “Do you speak German?” Guido: “No” And everyone's favorite... when Guido says: “Buon giorno, Principessa!”


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