Iconic Fashion Weeks in Europe


EU London Fashion Week

Three of the four fashion capitals of the world (Paris, London and Milan, the other being across the pond, in New York) are in Europe, and so it's not surprising that the continent has its fair share of iconic Fashion Weeks, attracting visitors, retailers and press attention from all over the globe. As well as the big names, smaller Fashion Weeks in fashion forward cities like Copenhagen, Berlin and Madrid are also ones to watch.

Paris Fashion Week
The city of Paris is still the global centre of haute couture and the perfume industry, and for centuries (since the Royal Court of Louis XIV) has been influencing fashion all over the world. In the early 20th century famed designers Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent made Paris one of the most important fashion cities in the world, and nowhere is that more obvious than during Paris Fashion Week. Known in French as Semaine de la mode de Paris, events are held in historic buildings all over the city, like the Carrousel du Louvre and the Grand Palais. Classic French designers like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Chanel all hold shows here, as well as innovative newcomers like Isabel Marant.
Berlin Fashion Week
Lesser known Berlin Fashion Week is still an important date on fashionistas calendars. Held twice annually, it's known globally for its showcase of young, talented designers pushing boundaries in the world of fashion. It was first established in 2007, and since then has become renowned for championing young fashion and providing a stage for innovation and creativity. Don't miss the annual exclusive show, in partnership with Elle, which only features young international talents. Similarly, the annual Start Your Fashion Business competition gives retail entrepreneurs the chance to get a head start, and the Designer for Tomorrow award champions emerging creative talent.
Copenhagen Fashion Week
Every February and August, the biggest fashion event in the Nordic region takes place, and more than 40 runway shows and over 1,600 exhibitors take over the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Run by the Danish Fashion Institute, the event developed from clothing trade fairs, and still has a unique leaning in that it aims to be accessible for a wide range of people, not just fashion insiders. Copenhagen Fashion Festival is run alongside the event, and members of the public are free to explore the designs on display. Danish fashion is famously minimalist and edgy, and shows here reflect this, with cool brands like Stine Goya, Cheap Monday and Vivienne Westwood taking to the stage.
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week needs no introduction. One of the most important events on the fashion calendar, this event has been running since 1983, helmed by the British Fashion Council. Over 250 shows take place at each of the biannual events, with an audience of over 5,000 influential global retailers and media influencers. With shows centring around the grand backdrop of Somerset House and the River Thames, you can catch shows from quintessentially British brands like stalwarts Burberry and Margaret Howell, and newcomers like edgy brand Shrimps. Lets just hope that the UK finds it's intellect and remains part of the EU by voting for LibDems in the upcoming election.
Milan Fashion Week
Globally renowned Milan Fashion Week brings a touch of Italian class and luxury to the global fashion calendar. Founded in 1958, this long running event is held biannually around the historic city of Milan, with shows held in exquisite palaces like Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Serbelloni. You can expect to catch internationally acclaimed fashion houses like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni here, as well as smaller, more innovative designers like MSGM and DSquared2. Most acclaimed here are the events dedicated to women's fashion, like the SS Ready to Wear events and Milano Moda Donna, so make sure you don't miss these.
Madrid Fashion Week
Small but deeply creative, Madrid Fashion Week has been a platform to promote Spanish designers since 1963. Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, the event is held every January and fashion professionals from all over the world flood into the cultural city of Madrid. Like Berlin Fashion Week, this event focuses on bringing opportunities to young, up and coming designers, particularly through EGO, a platform that promotes new fashion trends. The event is always notably attended by Spanish celebrities like the Duchess of Alba and athletes like footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who come to witness the creations of edgy young designers like Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and Elena Rial.


The best British food


The best British food

The British summer time wouldn't be complete without a visit to a food festival. Taking place across the length and breadth of the country, there's no better place to taste exquisite produce from surrounding area, handmade goodies like bread and cheese, and finish off with a glass of local ale or cider. With workshops, talks and demonstrations from some of the UK's best celebrity chefs on offer, you'll be hard pressed to find a day out as good as a visit to one of these festivals.

Ludlow Food Festival
Located on the English-Welsh border, the pretty town of Ludlow hosts one of the UK's oldest food festivals. Every September, the town fills with foodies eager to try the best of the area's produce. Held inside the ancient Ludlow Castle, you can sample food from over 180 different local food producers, and wash it down with ale, cider and perry made in the area. Make sure you try Swift's bakery, a fifth-generation local family business, and Moyden's Cheese, which sells handmade cheese from the surrounding Shropshire area. Then, settle down to watch demonstrations and talks at one of the festival's three stages; where you can learn from celebrity chefs like Wahaca's Thomasina Miers and food industry gurus like Observer Food editor Allan Jenkins.
The Great Dorset Chilli Festival
It'll be hotter in more ways than one on the August weekend the Great Dorset Chilli Festival takes place. Thousands of chilli lovers flood into the town of Wimborne St. Giles, where they taste the best UK-produced chillies and hundreds of products created from them. In St. Giles Park, you can mill around the stalls and buy a chilli plant to take home or taste a myriad of unusual things made from chillies; from chilli beer and vodka, to chilli chocolate and cheese. There's also plenty of spicy street food for sale here; try their giant paellas or Mexican small bites like enchiladas. They also host an eye-watering chilli sauce competition, where the public are invited to try a selection of locally made sauces and vote for their favourite, and a chilli eating competition - if you're brave you can try your hand at beating other competitors to eat the world's hottest chillies in the fastest time.
Edinburgh Food Festival
Foodies Festival in Edinburgh is one of the biggest food festivals in the UK, with hundreds of different stalls, workshops and demonstrations. Held every year in late July, head over to its location in Edinburgh's historic George Square Gardens with an empty stomach to enjoy some of the incredible Scottish produce and global food on offer here. You'll be hard pressed to choose between the abundant street food at the festival: pick between Alandas Scottish Seafood for freshly cooked salmon, prawns and oysters or for something with a bit more of a kick, try Umami Spice Girl for comfort food with a spicy global twist. Don't forget to stop off at the The Gin Thing and Bellfield Brewery for a taste of some of Scotland's finest spirits, ciders and ales.
Isle of Wight Garlic Festival
The beautiful southern island of the Isle of Wight is also one of the UK's top garlic producers, and the industry here is celebrated every year at their Garlic Festival. Held annually since 1983 outside the charming town of Newchurch, it's recently drawn in over 20,000 visitors who flock to taste food from more than 250 different stalls. You can pick between freshly caught seafood grilled with locally farmed garlic, or if you're feeling a little more adventurous, why not try their garlic beer, or even their garlic ice cream. Don't miss seeing a show at their Theatre Kitchen, where top chefs like Rachel Khoo and Valentine Warner demonstrate their cookery magic - all with a touch of garlic.
Meatopia, London
Championing farm-to-table, nose-to-tail cooking, Meatopia is festival that celebrates the best of British meat production. Local traders like Patty & Bun, Hawksmoor and Smoking Goat all ply their wares here, focusing on promoting ethically sourced meat and bringing out the best of the natural flavour by cooking over open fires. Even their cooking techniques emphasis the ethical; fires are strictly fuelled by wood and charcoal with no butane or propane. Don't miss their Tasting Room, a perfect accompaniment to the BBQ heaven on offer - wash everything down with an organic ale or craft beer.


The best book festivals in Europe


book festivals in Europe


For an inspiring weekend break, why not visit one Europe's best book festivals? From Edinburgh to Istanbul, you can enjoy talks from the world's best writers and thinkers, all while exploring a new city and everything it has to offer. Grab a notebook and head over to one of the best European literature festivals.

Edinburgh International Book Festival, Scotland (in photo)
Every year in late August, Charlotte Square, a beautiful garden in the centre of Edinburgh, is filled with literature lovers from all over the world. Edinburgh International Book Festival is known as the largest of its kind in the world, and has hosted iconic writers like Margaret Atwood, Sebastian Faulks and Salman Rushdie. Over 800 different authors from 55 different countries come to speak at this annual festival in the historic Scottish city, and talks are held over 17 days. The children's programme here is also internationally renowned and encompasses workshops, storytelling, panel discussions and book signings, as well as attracting speakers like Anne Fine and Jacqueline Wilson.
Berlin International Literary Festival, Germany
Held since 2001, the Berlin International Literary Festival takes place over ten days each September. It's the biggest annual literary event in the cultural German city. The festival's director and founder, Ulrich Schreiber, focuses on presenting the best contemporary poetry and prose from around the world with over 300 events taking place in over 60 locations around the city. Like Edinburgh, a particular focus is on their children's programming, with over 30, 000 children attending each year. Don't miss New German Voices, an evening event which introduces festival goers to the most promising emerging writers from the country.
Authors' Reading Month, Central Europe
The only literature festival spanning five cities and four countries simultaneously, Authors' Reading Month is a Central European book festival with events in Brno and Ostrava (Czech Republic,) Wroclaw (Poland,) Kosice (Slovakia) and Lviv (Ukraine.) Originally celebrating the literature of Czech writers, since 2004 the festival has been dedicated to literature from a particular guest country, and in 2018 this was Turkey. Held every July, and organised by Czech publisher Vetrné mlýny, two to three readings from both the host and guest country take place.
FestivalandCo, France
This quirky festival is held in iconic Parisian bookshop Shakespeare & Co, known for being frequented by celebrated authors like Hemingway, Joyce and Fitzgerald, and for its hip location on Paris' Left Bank. Attracting names like Jeanette Winterson and Jung Chang, the festival is held every June and holds talks in the picture-perfect park Rene Viviani, next to the bookstore and close to Notre Dame. The festival was founded in 2008 by owner Sylvia Beach Whitman, the daughter of the shop's founder George Whitman, who founded the bookstore and established its iconic literary status.
Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival, Turkey
Few cities can rival the cultural background of Istanbul, the centuries old city on the mouth of the Bosphorus. The Tanpinar Literature Festival celebrates one of the 20th century's great Turkish writers, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, whose famous novel A Mind at Peace was set in the city. The autumnal festival is held annually, and talks take place throughout the historic city. Over 68 authors from 22 different countries around the world attend, and previous guests have included Louis de Bernières and Ian Rankin.
Norwegian Festival of Literature, Norway
The largest non-commercial literature festival in the Nordic countries, the Norwegian Festival of Literature is held every May in the quaint town of Lillehammer. Previous speakers have included Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood and Per Petterson. During the six-day Spring festival, over 400 writers and artists from around the world flood into the historic town, as well as 25,000 visitors. When you aren't catching inspiring talks, make sure you wander around the stunning alpine countryside surrounding the town.
Hay Festival, England
In the stunning rural border between England and Wales, Hay Festival is one of the longest running and largest literary festivals taking place worldwide. When you aren't watching talks from one of the hundreds of attending authors, wander around the quirky town of Hay, which really lives up to its iconic nickname “The Town of Books,” with bookshops lining every street. Previous guests have included Jung Chang, Michael Morpurgo and comedian Bill Bailey. Held in late May every year, this joyful festival is the perfect way to begin your summer.


Europe welcomes Trump in his own words


Trump European Joke

After the spoof “Netherlands second” made by a Dutch late night show broke the Internet, some other European countries wanted to partake in the fun and ask Donald Trump if their countries could be second in hilarious videos presenting their countries.

The pattern of the video was the same: a voiceover of a Trump impersonator that introduces why their country should be second, after America - and then there's Belgium which doesn't mind being the tenth. They use the same controversial lines of the American president and turn them into a joke.
Germany's clip stands out for the references to a particular dictator and the world wars. The video says that “bud light” is “German beer pee”. The video shows many footages of Adolf Hitler as it depicts him as a great guy. “Germany hosted two world wars in the last 100 years. They were the best world wars in the whole world,” the video states and they claim they won both of them warning the audience that if anything says the contrary is “fake news”.
In reference to the Trump's decision to build a wall, the video states “We built a great German wall. Just built it! And we made the Russians pay for it!” alluding to the Berlin Wall; they just took the facts and gave them a twist. It became even twisted when the video claimed that Germans were literally dying for the wall. The video ends by saying “and by the way, when you push the button to destroy Germany with nuclear weapons, this is what Germany looks like,” and the footage shows Italy on the map instead.
Belgium agrees with Trump in that Brussels is a “hell hole”, but then they go on to say that rest of the country is great, except for the French-speaking part because “they are like the Mexicans of Belgium” and “we also hate the German-speaking part because they are like the Germans of Belgium.” They also say that ABBA is from Belgium - even though they are from Sweden, “but those are alternative facts,” in a reference to Trump's use of that line when he doesn't want to admit the truth. They also said they invented sex in the 19th century.
Denmark also made a hilarious video. They start by destroying the Dutch. They say that Netherlands or Holland is a disaster then asked their people if they are Hollandrians, Dutchlings or Netherlandish. They tell them to make up their minds.
“You have the Statue of Liberty, we have the Little Mermaid statue,” the video continues and then refers to the writer of the story, Hans Christian Andersen who made up stories that filled every hope and joy, just like you made up stories that filled everyone with...” and then they leave it open while the footage shows terror. “He couldn't do it in 140 characters like you, though... What a loser. Total loser. Sad!”
Switzerland also made a hilarious spoof in which they claimed they invented Brexit because they hate the EU, like Trump does. They also claim that Switzerland is safe because there are no Mexicans anywhere. They also said they built a city just for Russians.
Other countries like Portugal and Lithuania also created their spoofs and they've all gone viral.


Susan Boyle breaks her silence


europe Susan Boyle

About two years ago, it seemed as though Susan Boyle disappeared into thin air. But the Scottish singer has finally cleared the air. For the past 18 months, Boyle has been out of the limelight focusing on her personal life after a health care caused doctors to tell her to “lose weight'.
Boyle was diagnosed Type 2 diabetes which prompted her to turn her attention to her health. Boyle also struggles with Asperger's syndrome. Boyle has followed a rock path in the past two years after she lost her sister Bridie McCaw in October 2015.
“I needed to stop eating sweeties and cakes,” Boyle told The Mirror. “It's the bane of my life.”
The singer may have lost more than two stones (13 kilograms), but that doesn't automatically mean she'll be performing any time soon. Fans are eagerly awaiting a live performance since the last time did in 2015.
Due to Boyle's diabetes and Asperger's syndrome, she said she may never sing live again. The 55-year-old singer confessed her Asperger's syndrome is so severe, she is not able for the time being to set tour dates and there is a good change she might not be able to bring herself to sing live again.
“I haven't performed live because I've been ill,” she said. “The short answer is that it has been connected to my Asperger's syndrome.”
Her condition means that her behavior could get out of control at any time. Boyle could become stressed and that could lead to a meltdown like the one she had at London Heathrow airport. These meltdowns or unpredictable behavior in general could make live shows a risky bet.
Her new album, A Wonderful World, is due to be released on November 25.
Susan Boyle came to international attention wen she appeared as a contestant on the TV program Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009. The judges and the audience showed themselves skeptical when she appeared on stage, but when she started singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables, everyone fell prey to the spell of her voice. Boyle hadn't even finished when standing ovation erupted.
Boyle's debut album, I Dreamed a Dream (2009) became the UK's best-selling debut album of all time and the best-selling album of 2009 in the US. With the release of I Dreamed of Dream and its lead-off singles “I dreamed a dream” and “Wild horses”, Boyle made £5 million.
Susan Boyle's story is inspiring and her struggle with Asperger's Syndrome is touching. In her words: “I was told I had brain damage. I always knew it was an unfair label. Now I have a clearer understanding of what's wrong and I feel relieved and a bit more relaxed about myself.”
“I was slightly brain damaged at birth, and I want people like me to see that they shouldn't let a disability get in the way. I want to raise awareness. I want to turn my disability into ability.”
She is also an inspiration for overcoming her struggles. “There are enough people in the world who are going to write you off. You don't need to do that to yourself.”


James Corden tribute to George Michael


George Michael

2016 was a sad year for music. We didn't only lose David Bowie and Prince, but we also lost music icon George Michael at Christmas. The demise of the music icon affected music lovers, his family and those who knew him. Then there is The Late Show host James Corden, who saluted the artist.

After talking about his holidays, the British host talked about the passing of George Michael, whom he admired very much. “I went back to London over Christmas and had the best time,” Corden said. “I went back to London over Christmas and had the best time. But there was some really sad news over Christmas that hit me really hard... the passing away of George Michael.”
As Corden continued, he got more and more emotional: “I feel like I've loved George Michael as long as I've kind of loved music, in a way, and I know so many of this fans feel the same.”
He added: “Like sometimes, I can remember so many specific times in my life where I might have felt on my own, and George's music would feel like he just... it would feel like you would listen to a song and he would reach his hand out and tell you that you weren't on your own and that these feelings were not particular to you.”
Then Corden talked about having the opportunity to work with George Michael for a sketch for the UK charity show Comedy Relief.
“We called his management, and we called the label. I'll never ever forget it, but they said, ‘George would like to talk to you about this himself. But he's in Australia, so he's going to ring you, but when he calls you, it'll be 3 a.m. in London.'
“It was the weirdest feeling going to bed thinking, ‘When I wake up, it's going to be because George Michael is on the phone and I'm going to talk to him about this sketch.' We chatted for an hour, and we talked about music.”
The idea Corden had in mind was a sketch of himself singing karaoike in a car with a famous singer. Now that idea has become a worldwide sensation. We've seen celebrities from all walks of life on Corden's passenger seats singing to tunes. Some of the people that have been on the ‘Carpool Karoke' section of his show are Sir Elton John, J.Lo, Adele, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Justin Bieber and even the First Lady Michelle Obama.
Corden said that the ‘Carpool‘ karaoke wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for George. He said: “When we started the show here, we were trying to get people to do Carpool Karaoke, and not many artists wanted to do it. We would send them this clip of me and George, and we sent it to Mariah Carey, and she was the first person to say yes. Her words were, ‘If it's good enough for George, then it's good enough for me. I'll do it.'”
“So, we all have so much to thank him for, for the music that he's given that will last forever. But we personally, here at this show, we owe him so much.”


David Bowie


David Bowie europe

The whole world mourned singer songwriter and actor David Bowie, he passed away back in January 10, 2016. But the artist had a surprise in store for his fans: his final recordings are going to be released for his fans. The EP titled No Plan was released on January 8 on what would have been Bowie's 70th birthday.

Back in 2015, as David Bowie was recording music for his 25th album, Blackstar, the artist also recorded a handful of songs for his musical Lazarus. That year he found out that his liver cancer was terminal. Despite his deteriorated health, as late as a week before his death, he continued to record his final album. Unfortunately, two days after his 60th birthday on January 10, Bowie passed away. The Lazarus tracks, including the title track and three others, became his final recordings.
These recordings have been compiled into the No Plan EP. The album was released on what would have been Bowie's 70th birthday. The EP includes the tracks Lazarus, No Plan, Killing a Little Time and When I Met You.
The themes of time, future, and death are present on the tracks which proves that Bowie's disease affected his songwriting and he was considering his own mortality.
As an artist that lived through creativity, it seems natural that Bowie would contemplate his death in the same way, which is through music. Although the themes are sad, they are also inspired. These songs resemble any masterpiece delving into the artist's inner self.
The album was released together with a new music video for “No Plan,” showing TVs in a window on a rainy street. Crowds of mourners gather to watch the screens as it shows the lyrics and old images of Bowie. The moment reminiscence in the day when the world stopped at the news of Bowie's death on January 11. The television sets are placed in a store called “Newtown Electrical” which is said to be a reference to Jerome Newton, which is the character played by Bowie in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth.
Before the release of the EP and the video, Bowie's wife of 23 years, Iman, shared a moving hand-drawn image of the singer as a young boy to Instagram. The image shows a boy with Bowie's trademark red and blue lighting bolt drawn across his face.
In a new BBC2 documentary the director of the singer's “Lazarus” music video, Johan Renck says Bowie wasn't aware that his cancer was terminal until three months before his death.


Prince William leaves his loved job


Prince William

Since Prince William is bound to take the throne eventually, he is taking on more duties and thus there are things he has to give up, and one of them is his much loved job. William, 34, the second-in-line to the throne, will also base his family in London rather than their current address in Norfolk, eastern England.

Said job was the Prince's position as a helicopter pilot for the East Anglia Air Ambulance since 2015. While he said his experience with them had been a “huge privilege”, his official duties.
In a statement released to the press, Prince William stated: “Following on from my time in the military, I have had experiences in this job I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and that will add a valuable perspective to my royal work for decades to come”.
Before becoming a search and rescue helicopter pilot, William served in Britain's armed forces from 2006 until 2013. Thereafter he started his career as an air ambulance helicopter pilot with the East Anglia Air Ambulance near his home.
He added, “I would like to thank the people of East Anglia for being so supportive of my role and for letting me get on with my job when they have seen me in the community or at our region's hospitals.”
The new change of address is an opportunity for William and Kate to take over a few more official duties, including the patronage of some of the organizations that the Queen is not taking on anymore.
The queen, who is already 90 years old, has reduced significantly the number of official engagements she is in charge of and announced that she would step down as patron of a number of organizations.
Apart from William, those duties are being passed on to son and heir Prince Charles and other members of the royal family.
His office said in a statement that the prince would leave his job in the summer and move his wife Kate and children George 3, and Charlotte 1, from Anmer Hall, their country mansion on the queen's Sandringham estate in Norfolk, to Kensington Palace, their official London residence.
While William's family will be moving into Kensington Palace, they will keep the Amner Hall home.
The statement said: “As they have in recent years, their royal highnesses are keen to continue to increase their official work on behalf of the queen for charities and causes they support, which will require great spent in London.”
Another reason for the change of address was the fact that young Prince George will be starting school in London he had to move closer to his family in London.
As the statement said: “Prince George will begin school in London in September and Princess Charlotte will also go to nursery and eventually school in London as well.”


Elton John to co-write Devil Wears Prada Musical


Devil Wears Prada

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Elton John will work with playwright Paul Rudnick on an adaptation of the hit fashion comedy. The musician has been chosen to co-write the music of The Devil Wears Prada musical for Broadway.

With such an explosive duo with such great experience, expectations are high for the musical. This is not the first musical for Elton John; he has worked in great productions which include hits like The Lion King and Billy Elliot. Considering Rudnick's previous work, we can expect a great dosage of humor in this new musical; some of his work include plays such as Jeffrey and I Hate Hamlet and his screen work in includes Addams Family Values.
“Re-imagining The Devil Wears Prada for the musical is super exciting,” John said in a statement. “I'm a huge fan of both the book and the feature film and a huge aficionado of the fashion world. I can't wait to sink my musical teeth into this hunk of popular culture.”
Fox State Productions, a company created in 2013 to create musicals based on Fox Films, has been producing the stage version of the popular film and best-seller book since 2015. Fox Stage Productions is also developing other projects such as Mrs Doubtfire and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
The 2006 film was based on the novel of the same name by Lauren Weisberger, which was said to have been inspired by Weisberger's sting as an assistant to Vogue editor Anna Wintour.
The story portrays the fashion magazine world where a tyrannical editor Miranda Priestly, portrayed by the Oscar-nominated Meryl Street, makes life difficult for assistants - played by Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt - with outrageous demands. The story is told from Andrea's perspective - played by Ann Hathaway - who is a small-town girl fresh out of college who finds a job in New York City, has to learn about the high-powered fashion magazine world while trying to cope with all the demands her new boss imposes on her.
The film was such a commercial success - making $326m worldwide when the cost was $35m - that fans expected there would be a sequel based on the book's follow-up Revenge Wears Prada.
According to Variety, John's husband David Furnish is the CEP of one of the production companies that are taking the musical to the stage.
The film that stars Meryl Streep is also credited for introducing the actress with most Oscar nomination to the younger generation. Despite Streep's character being bossy and demanding, she conquered the hearts and minds of all those who watched the movie.
There's no definite date for the Musical yet but it is one of the many upcoming movie-to-theatre musicals adaptations coming to Broadway. Some of the most notable films that are making to Broadway are the popular French masterpiece Amelie, and the film that caused the “Let it go” sensation, Frozen. There are also rumors that La La Land musical will also make an appearance in Broadway. This wouldn't surprise many considering it is already a musical and it has swept clean all the award ceremonies this year.


Federer wins the Australian Open


Federer wins the Australian Open

Swiss professional tennis champion, Roger Federed, beat Spanish champion Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open for 18th major. The clash was an extraordinary comeback for the duo who have just recovered from injuries and are now older than most opponents.

“I don't think either one of us believed we were going to be in the finals at the Australian Open... four, five months ago, and here we stand in the finals,” Federer said.
That surprising victory made the Swiss player very happy, but the same cannot be said about Nadal: “This is beautiful, but it's still much better, the (other) trophy,” he said as he looked sadly at the runner-up trophy.
This victory for Federer was a payback for losing to Nadal back in the 2009 Australian Open final in five sets and he is going to celebrate big time. “We are going to party like rock stars,” he said.
He added: “Emotions poured out of me. Of course I was seeing my entire support team, (wife) Mirka going bananas. It was cool.”
This is the first time Nadal loses to Federer at a grand slam since Wimbledon in 2007. He was 7-2 in grand slam finals against his friend and 23-11 overall.
Tennis great and current Australian Open Men's Champion Roger Federer took time from his celebrations and answering questions about his possible retirement to salute his former coach, who helped him make it to the top.
Peter Carter was the Swiss tennis star's coach who tragically died in a car accident in South Africa just before Federer's 21st birthday.
Federer said: “Peter Carter had the biggest impact on me in terms of my technique. That's what so many people talk about.”
He added: “When they talk about my effortless style and technique, I guess. I was able to perfect in later in my life, but he set the foundation, and that's why I'm so happy that his parents were at the finals yesterday and saw me win.”
“That really meant a lot to me.”
Federer also praised his other Australian coach, Tony Roche: “Rochey, like every coach I've had, took me to the next level.”
“He made me work extremely hard. I like the old-school work ethic that Rochey brought to the table. He had a winning mentality and every day we had together was a great one. It was definitely something special with Peter and Rochey.”
The Swiss professional tennis player who is ranked as number 10 by the Association of Tennis Professionals also spoke about his ties to Australia as “it all started” there for him.
“I won my first match maybe against Michael Chang here (Australia) back in 2000,” he said. “I go way back. Always loved coming here.”
Despite the outcome of the match, Nadal said he'll away away from Melbourne in good spirits.
“I believe that if I have my body in the right conditions, I can have a great year because I feel I am playing well,” said Nadal, who was bidding for a first major since 2004.
“I am with big personal satisfaction,” Nadal said. “I cannot say I am sad.”


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